Pine Trees

A short film by Viola-Rose Day about identity and stereotypes.
Un film court de Viola-Rose Day au sujet de l'identité et de ses stéréotypes.

I am the sweet grass that starts fresh green shootsthat turns into yellow strands
that turns into healing smoke that blows and dances with the eastern wind.
I am the red womb covered and smothered by wet cedar branches
I am the broken glass and ashes and tears that were left of the residential schools
I am the dark earth that lay beneath the broken beer bottles and where wild blue berries grow
I am the rolling white clouds that grace father sky with out folding arms
I am a tall pine that stands and waits on the rocky shores of the great lakes
I am the purple of a western sunset
I am naive
I am honest
I am not an Indian
I am the people who love freedom as much as a bird loves they sky
I am the bones under the stolen land of the free
I am the ever beating drum that echoes and rings thru the hearts of my ancestors and youth
I am anishnabae kwe
I am bedawnakwat
I am them